tisdag 14 oktober 2008

List: 50 things to open your spirit

Jag ramlade in på en gudinnesida och kikade runt en del då då det verkade intressant. Egentligen hamnade jag på den sidan för att jag hade hamnat på en amerikansk paganblogg då jag sökte efter livssymboler på google.

Utseendemässigt är gudinnesidan en mardröm så det blir lätt att man scrollar förbi faktan vilket är synd då de verkar ha vettiga funderingar. Bland dessa funderingar fanns en lista som jag var tvungen att dela med mig av:

    1. Sit quietly and watch the clouds move for 30 minutes
    2. Listen to a different radio station everyday for a week
    3. Talk to an elderly person about the world of their youth
    4. Visit an ethnic grocery store you have never been to before
    5. Watch the Lawrence Welk Show and enjoy it!
    6. Go to a hardware store and look at tools and nails and bolts.
    7. Drive or walk in a part of your town or city you don't usually go to
    8. Watch MTV and enjoy it!
    9. Read the US Constitution
    10. Plant a tree or plant seeds in a pot and watch them grow
    11. Find opportunities to chat with folks of a different race, and enjoy it!
    12. Go dancing with friends and celebrate being alive
    13. Chant the letters of the alphabet, or vowels or simple sounds
    14. Donate your old magazines to a hospital, clinic, or nursing home
    15. Borrow clothes you would never wear from a friend, and wear them
    16. Listen to music you think you hate, and enjoy it!
    17. Go to an airport and spend a few hours really looking at people
    18. Visit a museum you have never been to, and enjoy it!
    19. Go to a tractor pull, car show, or motorcycle race and enjoy it!
    20. Spend a whole day at home alone, without radio, tv, or music
    21. Go to a store and try on clothes that remind you of anyone but you
    22. Pretend you believe the opposite of what you do, see what you learn
    23. If you are thin, put on large clothes & padding and go out fat
    24. Go to Yahoo's New Website Listings, and surf whatever comes up
    25. Visit a temple, church, or spiritual center you know nothing about
    26. Be curious and open-minded about other's beliefs
    27. Rent a movie documentary you think will bore you and enjoy it!
    28. Give up all your usual foods for a week and eat like someone else
    29. Go to a small town 2 hours from home & walk around main street
    30. Visit a Plant Nursery and look at tree, and notice their essence
    31. Do not go near a computer for 3 whole days, see what you learn
    32. Ask your relatives and friends about their happiest day as a child
    33. Look at your possessions, lighten up & let go of some by donating
    34. Flip open a Cookbook and cook whatever is on the page and enjoy it!
    35. If you like baths, take a shower, & vice versa enjoy the feeling!
    36. Visit a nursing home and volunteer to read to folks
    37. Walk around your own neighbourhood and pretend you are a visitor
    38. Watch foreign language News Broadcasts and enjoy them!
    39. Really talk to kids, or rather let them talk to you about their lives
    40. Visit a homeless shelter, volunteer a few hours a week & enjoy it!
    41. Learn another language, or learn about another country
    42. Sing out loud and play with your voice like an instrument
    43. Discover holidays from cultures that aren't your own and enjoy it!
    44. Watch Pro Wrestling on TV and enjoy it!
    45. Explore genealogy boards & learn about ancestors from all culture
    46. Feed the ducks, pigeons, squirrels, or birds & imagine you are them
    47. Watch a full Moon move across the night sky and enjoy it!
    48. Fast for 3 days, drinking only juice, and enjoy it!
    49. Try to imagine what it feels like to be in another person's skin
    50. Practice conscious kindness every day, & dare to change who you are

Visst, en del av det är omöjligt att göra i Sverige då det är en amerikansk lista men man kan ju alltid som med listor ändra om lite till sitt eget tycke och smak.

Jag skulle vilja att alla som läser detta inlägg lägger till minst en grej man kan göra genom att skriva det i kommentarerna till inlägget.

Även om det kom från en religiös sida så behöver det inte vara något religiöst utan ett sätt att vidga sina horisonter och lära känna sig själv bättre. Jag ska i alla fall testa att göra något av ovanstående.

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